The Importance of Native Plants

Everything About Plants and Their Importance

Native plants are plants that are in their natural habitat from the beginning, always growing, dying and coming back in the same climate conditions, ground and the quality, warmth or humidity and many more conditions required for their natural growth. There are many lands and many species of plants that come from different parts of the world. Some need heath, some cold, some humidity, some dryness, and so on. Why is all this important? Well, because we are going to talk about why native plants are important.

If you look all around you, you will find many invasive plants. Those plants are every vegetable, every fruit, that is not supposed to be in the store at that time, or in that part of the country or continent, but it is. Beside import and export, people also tend to make ‘’fake’’ habitats that would suit the chosen plant, in order to make a supply out of it.

Why Native Plants Are Important

Take for example any coconut or bananas. Those grow only in tropical places, right? Well, we found a way to grow them out of those natural climate conditions, and on one side, that is a great side, but on the other we lose the real potential a native plant would have. Native plants are also a food, for a food chain of some animals that eat them. In conclusion, native plants are saving our ecosystem and that is why native plants are important.

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